CEMB Videos

Learn more about CEMB and our research through these short videos.

[img] video: 3D packg DNA 3-D Packaging of the DNA Regulates Cell Identity

Research led by: Rajan Jain, MD and Jonathan Epstein, MD
Published in Cell, v. 171, issue 3, p573-597. e14, 19 October 2017.

[img] Boot Camp Slide Boot Camp Lectures
CEMB Boot Camp offers graduate-level lectures in basic mechanobiology concepts for animal and plant cells.  You may access lectures from 2018 or 2017 Boot Camp sessions.  ENJOY!
[img]video: what is mechanobio What is Mechanobiology?

WashU School of Engineering and Applied Sciences explains mechanobiology in relation to human and plant biology.

[img] video: intro to CEMB Meet the CEMB

Introduction to the Center for Engineering Mechanobiology, featuring institutional partners, research, and facilities.