Programs for Science Teachers

The Summer Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Program

Program dates:  June 24 – August 5, 2024

CEMB supports a summer professional development initiative for middle and high school science teachers that encompasses the interdisciplinary and broad themes of mechanobiology.

RET scholars:

  1. Participate in a CEMB research project during the summer
  2. Develop a personal curriculum plan with specific lessons and activities to use in their teaching practice the following academic year, and
  3. Participate in academic year workshops with the project team and other teachers.

We seek middle and high school science teachers to work collaboratively during the summer as well as during the school year. Pairs of teachers working as teams are especially encouraged to apply. The 2024 program is open to middle and high school teachers of biology, physics, and chemistry from schools in the Philadelphia region. Participants must commit to a 6-week summer program and agree to develop and integrate a curriculum module into their teaching practice during the academic year.

Applications for the 2024 program are now open.

2024 Applications are Now Closed

Application Deadline:
April 1, 2024

New cohort begins, on June 24, 2024

Applications are now closed for the next cohort in the  RET Program (Summer 2024).

Download our (2024) Program Brochure

Contact us for additional information and to inquire about details regarding the next cohort of teachers.

Additional Program Details:

June 24-28: In this first week of the program, teachers will meet 9am-2pm, in-person Monday – Friday.

July 1-August 2 (July 4 observed): Then, in weeks 2-6 of the program, teachers will work with mentors to conduct research in the labs, Monday – Thursday. Individual schedules are worked out with research mentors and, in general, can include a mix of virtual and in-person work for participants. However, participants should plan to be in-person as much as possible. Every Friday, the education team (including teachers) meets from 9am-2pm as a working group to make progress towards program goals (e.g., designing/redesigning a lesson plan with a mechanobio focus).

August 5: Final presentations of lesson plans and research experience to CEMB members.

Academic Year Participation: We are committed to supporting you throughout the school year. Participants can expect 2-3 Saturday morning workshops (one in fall, winter, and spring). Additional incentives may be available beyond the summer stipend of $6000 for those that continue to work towards program goals during the busy school year, including implementation of yours or other’s mechanobiology curriculum in some capacity with your students.

Attend the Annual Symposium to learn about more mechanobiology research.