Educational Programs That Inspire Innovation

CEMB supports a vigorous set of educational programs designed to train researchers and educators in the new integrated field of Engineering Mechanobiology. Our programs are centered around the concept that integrated learning – crossing the boundaries of traditional disciplines – is lifelong.

The CEMB educational program encompasses PhD students in the physical and biological sciences, postdocs, faculty, undergraduates, and high school science teachers, and provides an integrated exposure to the physics, biology, and engineering of mechanobiology across seven institutions.

Educational Outreach

CEMB is committed to sharing interdisciplinary research that will enrich mechanobiology learners of all ages and stimulate innovation.

High School Science Impact

CEMB strives to impact high school education in the greater Philadelphia region through our Summer Research Experiences for Teachers and in the Newark, NJ, region through our student programs in collaboration with NJIT.

Undergraduate Opportunities

CEMB offers multiple opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research in integrated mechanobiology, both during the summer and during the academic year.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Training

CEMB trainees gain a multi-disciplinary and immersive graduate education or postdoctoral experience through close mentorships, funding and professional development opportunities, and programs such as Boot Camps, Innovation Slams, and mini-sabbaticals.