CEMB investigators and trainees are eligible to apply for short-term travel funds to facilitate exchange with other CEMB labs from the center’s $25K/year travel fund. Each trip is capped at $1,500/week for expenditures in week 1 and $1,000/week for a subsequent week.

Requests must be made in writing (a single PDF document) to Mike Ostap via Annie Jeong at annjeong@seas.upenn.edu, and must include (1) a short paragraph describing the overall project, (2) the proposed scientific merit, (3) broader impacts of the trip related to CEMB, and (4) a brief budget. This paragraph must be updated to include a program summary/progress report after completion of the trip and sent to Annie Jeong along with the request for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Funds will be granted on a rolling basis subject to availability. Each project is capped at $2,500/year in travel expenditures from this fund.