2020 (Virtual Program)

UExB Symposium Program

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UPenn Symposium Program

Center for Engineering Mechanobiology program

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WashU Abstracts

  • Elijah Begin, Ouachita Baptist University, Host: Marcus Foston, Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering
  • Aidan Flynn, Washington University in St. Louis, Host: Liz Haswell, Biology
  • Keith Hayes, Alabama State University, Host: Guy Genin, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Cydne Ratliff, Drake University, Host: Lucia Strader, Biology
  • Chloe Simchick, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Host: Ram Dixit, Biology


UPenn Symposium Schedule

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WashU Project Titles

  • Reid Chunn, Harris-Stowe State University- Creating a micro-stepping apparatus using Arduino/Matlab. Host: Guy Genin, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
  • Thomas Ellison, Washington University in St. Louis- Mutation of an F-box protein in Arabidopsis causes auxin resistance. Host: Lucia Strader, Biology
  • Pranav Maddula, Washington University of St. Louis- Computational assessment of genetic and geographic diversity of mechanosensitive ion channels in Arabidopsis thaliana. Host: Liz Haswell, Biology
  • Alexis Scott, Alabama State University- Developing artificial scaffolds for growing plant cells. Host: Ram Dixit, Biology
  • Logan Verheyen, St. Louis University- Exploring preparation of cellulose nanowhisker reinforced gelatin hydrogels. Host: Marcus Foston, Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering


UPenn Project Titles

  • Olivia Leavitt, Worcester Polytechnic Institute – MMP-1 increases neuron activity but does not alter collagen structure after 1 hourHost: Winkelstein Lab, Bioengineering
  • Kimberly DeLuca, New Jersey Institute of Technology-Variation in Defect Parameters in Aligned Nanofibrous Scaffolds Yields Diverse Strain Attenuation Profiles.  Host:  Mauck Lab, Bioengineering
  • Richard Potter, University of Pennsylvania-Understanding Binding Between Tau and Neuronal Microtubules.  Host:  Rhoades Lab, Chemistry
  • Cassie Wang, Bryn Mawr College-The Effect of Aggrecan on Long Range Force Transmission and Collagen Fibrous Networks.  Host:  Wells Lab, Gastroenterology
  • Aaman Mengis, University of Maryland- A Tissue Engineered Microphysiological Platform for the Study of Human Organ Fibrosis.  Host:  Huh Lab, Bioengineering
  • Kristine Lister, Cornell University- Comparing Step Finding Algorithms for the Tracking of Molecular Motors.  Host:  Goldman Lab, Physiology
  • Brianna Hajek, Washington University in St. Louis –Developing an in vitro Model of the Dendritic Cytoskeleton.  Host:  Holzbaur Lab, Physiology
  • Victor Morales-Garcia, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez-The Effect of Constricted Cell Migration on The Cell Cycle and DNA Replication.  Host:  Discher Lab, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Kimonni Driver, Lincoln University-Important differences between neonatal and adult space of Disse.  Host:  Wells Lab, Gastroenterology
  • John Durel, University of Virginia- High-Throughput Single-Cell Analysis of MCS Mechanosensing.  Host:  Burdick Lab, Bioengineering