Treena Arinzeh, PhD

Director of Diversity | Working Group 4 Co-Leader | Principal Investigator

Treena Arinzeh, Ph.D., is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Arinzeh’s research interests are in stem cell tissue engineering and applied biomaterials, with a focus in the development of functional biomaterials that can accelerate repair utilizing stem cells and other cell types. She develops biomaterial strategies for the repair of bone, cartilage and other related musculoskeletal tissues. Her research interests also include nerve tissue regeneration, specifically spinal cord.

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Keywords: tissue engineering; cell-biomaterial interaction; biomaterials processing; surface characterization and modification of biomaterials; materials testing; stem cell therapy; tissue-engineering scaffolds and biomaterials for the repair of bone and other related musculoskeletal tissue; nerve tissue regeneration utilizing stem cells and other cell types; mechanobiology

Working Group(s): Working Group 2: How do cells adapt to and change their mechanical environment?; Working Group 3: How do cells remember their mechanical environment?; Working Group 4: Crosscutting and Emerging Technologies