Jason Burdick, PhD

Jason Burdick

Principal Investigator

Jason Burdick, Ph.D., is Professor of Bioengineering and the Principal Investigator of the Polymeric Biomaterials Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. Burdick is the Director of Knowledge Transfer for the Center for Engineering MechanoBiology.

His research interests include developing polymeric biomaterials that can be used for tissue engineering, drug delivery, and to investigate cell-matrix interactions. The platform technology involves the engineering of crosslinkable polymers where biophysical and biochemical properties of formed networks can be tailored through material design. These engineered matrices can be used to address questions related to mechanobiology, such as how dynamic changes in material mechanics regulate temporal changes in signaling and differentiation and how material structure alters mechanosensing.

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Keywords: polymeric biomaterials; cell-matrix interactions; biomaterials; cell mechanosensing; tissue engineering; bioengineered therapeutics; devices and drug delivery; mechanobiology

Working Group(s): Working Group 2: How do cells adapt to and change their mechanical environment?; Working Group 3: How do cells remember their mechanical environment?; Working Group 4: Crosscutting and Emerging Technologies