Guy Genin, PhD

Co-Director | Principal Investigator

Guy Genin, Ph.D., is the Harold and Kathleen Faught Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and a Professor of Neurological Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis. Genin is Chief Engineer for the Center for Innovation in Neuroscience and Technology. He also serves as the Chinese Ministry of Education Yangtze River Professor and McDonnell International Scholars Academy Ambassador to Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Genin is Co-Director of the Center for Engineering MechanoBiology, and the Primary Investigator of the WashU CEMB.

Genin’s research focuses on interfaces and adhesion in nature, physiology, and engineering. His current research focuses on interfaces between tissues at the attachment of tendon to bone, between cells in cardiac fibrosis, and between protein structures at the periphery of plant and animal cells.

Keywords: biophysical methods; biophysics; cell biology; extracellular matrix; substrates; periplasm configuration; cell adhesion and spreading; auxin; arabinogalactins; electrical signalling; mechanobiology

Working Group(s):  Working Group 2: How do cells adapt to and change their mechanical environment?; Working Group 3: How do cells remember their mechanical environment?; Working Group 4: Crosscutting and Emerging Technologies