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When Cells Go Rogue: Pathak wins NIH MIRA grant to study cell group behavior and role in metastasis

(News item prepared by Patience Graybill, Wash U) Researchers have thought that cancer begins when a single cell goes rogue in the body then begins to grow and multiply. Now, they are investigating evidence ...

September 3, 2018|

“Interstitium” may be shock absorber to many organs and tissues

A system of interconnected, fluid-filled compartments lies below the skin’s surface, lining the digestive tract, lungs and urinary systems, and around arteries, veins, and the space between muscles, according to a research team from ...

April 11, 2018|

Matching material and cellular timescales enhances cell spreading on viscoelastic substrates

Congrats to CEMB PIs Vivek Shenoy, Jason Burdick, Paul Janmey, and Robert Mauck and their new publication on how matching material and cellular timescales effects cell spreading in viscoelastic substrates. Read more in the ...

March 23, 2018|

Dixit Lab: Molecular Regulators Act as “Brakemen” to Transporter Proteins in Plant Cells

Two new publications from the lab of Ram Dixit at Washington University in St. Louis indicate how kinesin motor proteins and the microtubule tracks on which they move are regulated in plant cells. Kinesins ...

March 19, 2018|

Mechanics of Muscle Cells Revealed: Ostap and Sindelar Use Advanced Microscopy to Show Myosin’s Role in Contraction

The Winter Olympics are dominating news headlines, but how do speed skaters and downhill skiers summon the speed to go for the gold? Muscles – contracting slow and fast – allow these athletes to ...

February 27, 2018|

Jason Burdick receives Heilmeier Research Award

Jason Burdick, Professor in Bioengineering, has been named the recipient of the 2017-18 George H. Heilmeier Faculty Award for Excellence in Research for "pioneering contributions to designing and developing polymers for applications in stem ...

February 1, 2018|
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