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Dixit Lab: Molecular Regulators Act as “Brakemen” to Transporter Proteins in Plant Cells

Two new publications from the lab of Ram Dixit at Washington University in St. Louis indicate how kinesin motor proteins and the microtubule tracks on which they move are regulated in plant cells. Kinesins ...

March 19, 2018|

Mechanics of Muscle Cells Revealed: Ostap and Sindelar Use Advanced Microscopy to Show Myosin’s Role in Contraction

The Winter Olympics are dominating news headlines, but how do speed skaters and downhill skiers summon the speed to go for the gold? Muscles – contracting slow and fast – allow these athletes to ...

February 27, 2018|

Arinzeh’s Scaffolds Appear in Sigma Xi Magazine

Science by CEMB member Treena Livingston Arinzeh of New Jersey Institute of Technology appears in Sigma Xi's magazine American Scientist, Sept/Oct 2017 edition. Arinzeh's work with  colleagues Moy and Huang examines how engineered scaffold structures ...

September 15, 2017|
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