The CEMB is dedicated to connecting its research to a wide audience across the biomedical community, especially to those in the biomedical industries.  This is part of the ‘knowledge transfer mandate’ from NSF’s Science and Technology Center program.  Through a newly announced partnership, The Alliance of Advanced Biomedical Engineering (AABME) will connect CEMB with scientists, engineers, and clinicians across this community.  CEMB research is multifaceted and will benefit from collaboration in many fields like cellular therapy, regenerative medicine, biofabrication, and advanced biomaterials,  as well as computation and modeling. The emerging technologies across all these fields can benefit from CEMB research as well as offer important collaborations to enhance our research.  Through this partnership, both organizations will connect stakeholders from their communities to foster cross-disciplinary scientific discovery. They will mutually encourage technical and instructional networking among scientists, engineers, and technicians. Each organization will highlight information and events from their partner, and they will rely on each other to recruit and link subject matter experts through panels, technical meetings, web platforms, and other avenues for scientific exchange.

“This is a unique opportunity to leverage a major international organization to broaden the impact of our work,” said Washington University’s Guy Genin, co-director of CEMB and professor of engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. “We are excited to build this partnership with AABME and ASME.”


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