CEMB is pleased to announce that three participants of the Penn Summer Undergraduate Research Program have been accepted to the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting held in Phoenix, Arizona from October 11-14. The three students, Olivia Leavitt, John Durel, and Kimberly DeLuca, will present research conducted during their 2017 CEMB-funded summer projects, all in the Bioengineering Department. CEMB will support the costs for each of these students to attend this meeting.

The undergraduate research presenters are as follows.

Kimberly DeLuca, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Project Title: “Variation in Defect Parameters in Aligned Nanofibrous Scaffolds Yields Diverse Strain Attenuation Profile” Host:  Mauck Lab, Bioengineering

John Durel, University of Virginia
Project Title: “High-Throughput Single-Cell Analysis of MSC Mechanosensing” Host:  Burdick Lab, Bioengineering

Olivia Leavitt, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Project Title: “MMP-1 Exposure Increases Neuronal Activity in Vitro Host: Winkelstein Lab, Bioengineering

CEMB congratulates Kimberly, John, and Olivia on their accomplishment.

This month, we are also happy to see that these students and other CEMB summer REU students have been recognized on Penn’s Bioengineering September 2017 blog!