At UPenn, a formal summer Research for Undergraduates (REU) program is in place and includes 10 undergraduates chosen from more than 100 applicants. This year’s students represent a diverse array of institutions (see list below). At Washington University, five students are working in CEMB labs as part of the plan to have a formal undergraduate research program next summer. Although 900 miles apart, students at the two institutions will work together remotely on “elevator talks” later this month.

The students at UPenn are living in International House with students from 5 other summer programs. They’re now all well established in CEMB research labs and are participating in a full array of CEMB activities including weekly working group meetings, Scientific Communications workshops, and student lectures. They will attend Boot Camp lectures and our center-wide retreat in July. CEMB Managing Director Jim McGonigle has also arranged for a canoeing evening on the Schuylkill River and a Phillies game.

The grand finale of the UPenn program will be a symposium on Thursday, August 3rd, featuring short oral presentations and posters by our students and a keynote talk from CEMB member and UPenn Vice Provost for Education Beth Winkelstein. The symposium will run from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in the Singh Center for Nanotechnology. We encourage all to attend and learn about the exciting research projects our undergraduate students have conducted over the summer.

2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Cohort at UPenn:

Kimberly DeLuca
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Kimonni Driver
Lincoln University
John Durel
University of Virginia
Brianna Hajek
The Washington University
Olivia Leavitt
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kristine Lister
Cornell University
Aaman Mengis
University of Maryland, College Park
Victor Morales-Garcia
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez
Richard Potter
University of Pennsylvania
Cassie Wang
Bryn Mawr College

2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Program Cohort at WUSTL:

Matt Geer
Washington University in St. Louis
Zhangao Liu
Washington University in St. Louis
Simran Ohri
Washington University in St. Louis
Emily Stava
Washington University in St. Louis
Melanie Yuen
Washington University in St. Louis