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Dixit Lab: Molecular Regulators Act as “Brakemen” to Transporter Proteins in Plant Cells

Two new publications from the lab of Ram Dixit at Washington University in St. Louis indicate how kinesin motor proteins and the microtubule tracks on which they move are regulated in plant cells. Kinesins ...

March 19, 2018|

Huh Lab Debuts “Eye-on-a-Chip” at AAAS Meeting

Biomemetic devices represent a promising technological advance in the way we research and test complex biological systems. Engineered technologies that imitate cells, organs and processes can provide a controlled, scientific platform as an alternative ...

March 7, 2018|

Taproot Podcast with Co-Host Liz Haswell Makes Waves on Public Radio

St. Louis Public Radio interviews CEMB Faculty member Liz Haswell and colleague Ivan Baxter about their podcast Taproot and the challenges and rewards of life as a plant scientist. Read more. ...

January 17, 2018|

Jon Epstein Receives NHLB Outstanding Investigator Award

Jon Epstein, MD, executive vice dean and chief scientific officer of Penn Medicine, has received a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Outstanding Investigator Award. The award recognizes Epstein as an experienced investigator ...

January 17, 2018|
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