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News + Events

$1.25 Million ADVANCE grant awarded to Treena Arinzeh to to Ensure Women Scholars Flourish as Inventors

CEMB's Treena Arinzeh has led an NJIT-team to win a $1.25 Million NSF ADVANCE grant to promote equity in commercialization activities. The team has set out to identify and eliminate barriers on university campuses to ...

November 17, 2021|

First artificial scaffolds for studying plant cell growth

CEMB researchers have developed the first artificial scaffold to study plant cell growth. The scaffolds, made of polyvinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene copolymers, mimic the properties and structure of the plant’s cell wall and make it possible ...

October 21, 2021|

Elizabeth Haswell Lab Paper in Science!

Elizabeth Haswell Lab Paper in Science! (From The Record on 8/4/21) Biologists led by CEMB faculty member Elizabeth Haswell discovered that so-called PIEZO channels are not found along the plasma membrane in plant cells ...

August 19, 2021|
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