Mechanobiology Annual Symposium



This international symposium is being organized by the Center for Engineering MechanoBiology with support from the National Science Foundation. The symposium will cover emerging issues in forces that control living systems in both plant and animal cells.   Invited speakers include:

  • Ovijit Chaudhuri, Stanford
  • Margaret Gardel, University of Chicago
  • Roger Kamm, MIT
  • Pakorn Tony Kanchanawong, MBI/NUS
  • CT Lim, MBI/NUS
  • John Lowengrub, UC Irvine
  • Iris Meier, OSU
  • Alex Mogilner, NYU
  • Gabrielle Monshausen, Penn State
  • GV Shivashankar, MBI/NUS
  • Doris Wagner, UPenn
  • Yu-li Wang, CMU
  • Valerie Weaver, UCSF

There will be opportunities for poster presentations.

Registration will open soon at this location.