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Title: Lymphocyte mechano-regulation for immunotherapies

Abstract:In the dynamic field of biomedical engineering and immunotherapy, my recent research unveils the intricate relationship between mechanical forces and immune cell activation, bridging the realms of biology and immunotherapy. This study aims to unearth innovative pathways for adoptive immunotherapies, emphasizing the role of biomedical and mechanobiological insights in broadening our understanding.

The core focus lies in decoding the mechanobiological pathways governing T cell and B cell activation. It explores the interplay between external mechanical cues and the immune cell activation process, with a nod to biomedical concepts for fresh perspectives. In my presentation I will focus on links between mechanical cues, gene expression profiles, and the spatial organization of genomic loci and transcripts within immune cells. Combining optical super-resolution imaging, traction force and molecular force microscopy with functional read-outs – such as single cell transcriptomics and mitochondrial activity – opens possibilities for quality control in chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cell therapy, with potential applications in clinical contexts.

This interdisciplinary approach holds the potential to revolutionize adoptive immunotherapies, incorporating insights from biomedical and life sciences.


Location: In person at Penn (CEMB conference Room, LRSM 112C) and via Zoom.

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