Boot Camp

About Boot Camp

CEMB graduate fellows participate in CEMB’s intensive “Boot Camp I” experience in the summer of their entry into the program, generally between years 1 and 2 of graduate school.

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Boot Camp I, usually held at Penn for all participants, includes lectures in cell biology, bioengineering, matrix biology, and plant biology and mechanics; wet and dry lab experiences in rheometry, basic cell and molecular biology techniques, basics plant biology techniques, and computational modeling; small group tutorials; journal clubs; and ethics and knowledge transfer training.

Boot Camp I includes a mini-research experience and presentation at the conclusion of the course.

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Boot Camp Resources

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Boot Camp 2018
  • July 16 -27, 2018

(The new lectures from the 2018 Boot Camp are being updated. In the meantime, see the links below for 2017 resources)

Boot Camp 2017
  • July 14 – 21, 2017
    Access lecture slides and video