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CEMB graduate fellows participate in CEMB’s intensive “Boot Camp I” experience in the summer of their entry into the program, generally between years 1 and 2 of graduate school.

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Boot Camp I, usually held at Penn for all participants, includes lectures in cell biology, bioengineering, matrix biology, and plant biology and mechanics; wet and dry lab experiences in rheometry, basic cell and molecular biology techniques, basics plant biology techniques, and computational modeling; small group tutorials; journal clubs; and ethics and knowledge transfer training.

Boot Camp I includes a mini-research experience and presentation at the conclusion of the course.

Boot Camp 2020

When:   July 6th – July 17th and hosted by Washington University in St. Louis.

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Although current shutdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic have precluded our ability to offer a residential experience, CEMB is offering a unique virtual program. Our team has gathered expertise from the Center’s partner institutions to create an intensive series that provides fundamental knowledge in the cross-disciplinary field of mechanobiology and hones key scientific and analytic skills important to all related fields. 

The course comprises two parts. During the first week, morning lectures will build knowledge of cross-disciplinary topics in the mechanobiology of animal and plant cells. Afternoon sessions will consist of labs designed to build modeling, analysis, imaging, and bioinformatics skills. Additional professional development sessions will enrich graduate school experience and help prepare for future career pathways. During the second week, interdisciplinary teams conduct a research project that culminates in a group presentation. 

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Boot Camp Resources

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Boot Camp 2018
  • July 16 -27, 2018
  • Access lecture slides and video
Boot Camp 2017
  • July 14 – 21, 2017
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