Working Group 4 PIs

Working Group 4 Principal Investigators

Director of Diversity | Working Group 4 Co-Leader | Principal Investigator

Keywords: tissue engineering; cell-biomaterial interaction; biomaterials processing; surface characterization and modification of biomaterials; materials testing; stem cell therapy; tissue-engineering scaffolds and biomaterials for the repair of bone and other related musculoskeletal tissue; nerve tissue regeneration utilizing stem cells and other cell types; mechanobiology
Jason Burdick

Principal Investigator

Keywords: polymeric biomaterials; cell-matrix interactions; biomaterials; cell mechanosensing; tissue engineering; bioengineered therapeutics; devices and drug delivery; mechanobiology

Working Group 4 co-Leader | Principal Investigator

Keywords: cell interaction with environment and subsequent effect on cell function; cell signalling; angiogenesis; stem cell biology; cell adhesion; cell mechanics; micro- and nanofabrication tools; molecular tools; mechanobiology
Derrick Dean

Principal Investigator

Keywords: micro- and nanostructured polymer composites; scaffolding; tissue engineering; drug delivery; mechanobiology
[img] Dixit

Working Group 2 Co-Leader | Principal Investigator

Keywords: plant cell morphogenesis; cortical microtubule cytoskeleton; plant cell wall; mechanobiology; microtubule plus-end and minus-end targeting proteins; microtubule severing; microtubule bundling; microtubule self-organization; kinesins

Co-Director | Principal Investigator

Keywords: biophysical methods; biophysics; cell biology; extracellular matrix; substrates; periplasm configuration; cell adhesion and spreading; auxin; arabinogalactins; electrical signalling; mechanobiology

Principal Investigator

Keywords: mapping domain motions of motor proteins and ribosomal elongation factors; mechanics of the energy transduction mechanism; enzymatic reactions; myosin; dynein; kinesin; nanometer tracking of single fluorescent molecules and fluorescent probes; optical traps; mechanobiology
[img] Haswell

Director of Research | Principal Investigator

Keywords: mechanosensitive ion channels, mechanosensitivity, cell signaling, programmed cell death, biochemical and molecular genetic approaches, live-imaging, electrophysiology; mechanobiology
[img] Dan Huh

Principal Investigator

Keywords: bioengineered therapeutics; devices and drug delivery; cellular engineering; tissue engineering; organs-on-chips; mechanobiology

Director of Knowledge Transfer | Working Group 3 Co-Leader | Principal Investigator

Keywords: soft tissue mechanobiology; physiologic processes; patho-physiologic processes; tissue engineering; technological development; mesenchymal stem cells; mechanobiologic cultures; cell scaffolding; mechanobiology
[img] Benjamin Prosser

Principal Investigator

Keywords: mechanotransduction; mechanical signalling; mechanical stress; cytoskeleton; cardiac physiology and pathology; mechanobiology
[img] Shenoy

Director | Principal Investigator

Keywords: physical properties and growth mechanisms of 2D materials; nanocrystals and nanowires; mechanics of biological systems and materials; materials for energy; mechanobiology
[img] Rebecca Wells

Director of Education | Principal Investigator

Keywords: Hepatic stellate cells, liver fibrosis, TGF-ß, portal fibroblasts, biliary atresia, liver mechanics, fibronectin; mechanobiology