Seed Grants for Mechanobiology Research

[img] CEMB mechanobioGuidelines for CEMB Seed Grant Applications

Deadline: 2018 Program closed

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Check back in Spring 2020 for new Call for Proposals

The CEMB welcomes applications for seed grants from any faculty members from CEMB member institutions at the rank of assistant or associate professor who are not currently CEMB faculty fellows. Member institutions include Alabama State University, Boston University, Bryn Mawr College, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Recipients of seed grants become faculty scholars in CEMB and are expected to become active participants in Center activities. Proposals must address the CEMB mission and identify at least one relevant working group, as listed on the Center website.

Deadline: 2018 program is closed.  Check back in Spring 2019for new guidlines

Required Documents
(begin each on a separate page)

  1. Abstract Page: The abstract page should be no longer than 250 words.
  2. Research Proposal: The research proposal should include background information relative to the project. Page limit: two pages, single-spaced with one-inch margins. Use Arial 11 font, or 11-point font in LaTeX. In one paragraph, indicate the importance of this funding to the feasibility of your research proposal. Please indicate if other funds are available to you for the proposed research.
  3. References: Key references should be attached and do not count toward the page limit.
  4. Budget: Provide a clear budget outline using the budget guidelines below)
  5. Budget Justification: Provide a short justification for personnel, supplies, equipment, and other expenses. Additionally, justify resources to be spent on services outside CEMB institutions.
  6. Biosketch: Submit an NSF- or NIH- style biosketch for the PI only.
  7. Copies of IRB and IACUC approval letters, if appropriate, will be required if an award is made. Funding will be delayed until these approval documents are received.

NOTE: All documents must be assembled and submitted as a single PDF.

Budget Guidelines

  1. a) The award level is $25,000 for one year, plus overhead. In special circumstances, awards of up to $50,000, will be considered.
  2. b) List the name, title/role, percent effort, salary, and benefits in the budget for each grant participant.
  3. c) Supplies should be summarized by type in the budget and justification.
  4. d) If applicable, detail animals by quantity, cost, and per diem in the budget and justification.
  5. e) Equipment and service contracts should be detailed in the budget and justification.
  6. f) Equipment is defined as an item costing more than $5,000 with a useful life greater than one year.

Other details

  • All publications related to this funding must include the acknowledgment, “This work was funded in part by the National Science Foundation’s Science and Technology Center for Engineering MechanoBiology, grant CMMI-1548571.”
  • A 1-page progress report will be required at the end of this funding that describes outcomes of the supporting projects and the relevance of these to the CEMB mission.
  • Invitations for full CEMB membership may be extended to the PI based on scientific progress on the seed grant, the extent of PI interactions within the CEMB during the year of funding, and willingness of the PI to participate in the diversity, education, knowledge transfer, and research missions of CEMB.

Document Submission

Submit a complete application as a single PDF document to James McGonigle,

Contacts for queries:

Vivek Shenoy, University of Pennsylvania,

[img] NSFNSF Funding Source:

The Center for Engineering MechanoBiology is a Science and Technology Center (STC) funded by the National Science Foundation under award # CMMI-1548571.