Devarajan (Dave) Thirumalai, PhD

[img] Dave Thirumalai

Principal Investigator

Devarajan (Dave) Dave Thirumalai, Ph.D., is Professor of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Texas-Austin. He holds the Larry R. Faulkner Departmental Chair for Excellence in Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Marvin K. Collie-Welch Regents Chair in Chemistry, and he is recipient of the Department of Chemistry Excellence Endowment and the William H. Wade Administrative Endowment in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The Thirumalai Group focuses on various problems in equilibrium and non equilibrium statistical mechanics. Currently various aspects of the transition from liquid to amorphous state are being investigated. Another area of research involves the theoretical study of polymer-colloid interactions. Research is also being carried out to understand the dynamics of protein folding. The team uses a combination of theoretical and computational strategies to answer several questions. In particular, the Thirumalai group is interested in:

  • Folding mechanisms of large protein and RNA molecules
  • Causes of misfolded conformations in proteins
  • Variations in the folding mechanisms of proteins in response to changes in environment
  • Role of chaperones in aiding protein folding
  • Molecular basis for the function of molecular machines

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Keywords: equilibrium and non equalibrium statistical mechanics; polymer-colloid interaction; dynamics of protein folding; biochemistry; RNA molecules; conformations in proteins; environmental response; role of chaperone in protein folding; molecular machines; DNA shapes due to stretching and condensation; mechanobiology

Working Group(s):  Working Group 1: How do cells sense their mechanical environment