Benjamin Prosser, PhD

[img] Benjamin Prosser

Principal Investigator

Benjamin Prosser, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds graduate group affiliations in the areas of biochemistry and molecular biophysics and cell and molecular biology.

The Prosser Lab seeks to unravel molecular mechanisms of mechanotransduction in the heart and other tissues. The research team combines novel techniques to manipulate mechanical stress and strain at the single cell level with high-speed and super-resolution imaging to evaluate sub-cellular responses to mechanical stimuli. Current projects in the lab seek to understand how the cytoskeleton functions to sense and transmit these mechanical signals, and the consequences of this mechanical stress transmission on cardiac health and disease.

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Keywords: mechanotransduction; mechanical signalling; mechanical stress; cytoskeleton; cardiac physiology and pathology; mechanobiology

Working Group(s):  Working Group 2: How do cells adapt to and change their mechanical environment?; Working Group 3: How do cells remember their mechanical environment?; Working Group 4: Crosscutting and Emerging Technologies