Innovation slams

The next Innovation Slam is scheduled for Monday, April 30, 2018.

Details available here soon.  If you have not been notified as to your group assignment, please contact

Innovation slams are a key part of our graduate education program, linking CEMB graduate, post-doctoral, and faculty fellows to outside faculty, industry representatives, tech transfer staff, venture capitalists, and ethicists.

“Innovation Slams” are 4-hour sessions that occur ~3 times per year at Penn, WUSTL, and the Annual Retreat. Participation in the Innovation Slams is mandatory for CEMB supported Ph.D. students in the first two years of the program, and is open to all other CEMB supported trainees as well. Once enrolled, trainees must complete the sequence of three sessions in a given calendar year.  Each of the three sessions will focus on one aspect of the process of translating ideas to products, starting with the concept of ‘Ideation’, moving on to ‘Protecting Ideas, Customer Discovery, and Product Validation and Refinement’, and closing with ‘Startups and Commercialization’.  These sessions are designed to foster interactions across training sites and disciplines, with each session being led by a group of faculty and experts in idea development and commercialization, from both industry and academia. This program will provide trainees with experience in collaborative innovation, will foster interactions between faculty, students, and industry partners, and will expose trainees to issues related to development and commercialization.

Innovation Slam #1 – “Ideation”, July 17, 2017, University of Pennsylvania: Innovation Slam 1 Agenda