Four trainee teams awarded CEMB Pilot Grants

Congratulations to the 2020 Pilot grant awardees!

Four trainee teams were awarded pilot funding to conduct interdisciplinary, multi-institutional, and cross-kingdom research. Check out the project titles and awardees below:

The impact of proteoglycan structure on collagen fibrous network behavior

Awardees: Dongning Chen (Penn) and Richard Vincent (NJIT)

Characterizing the Piezoelectric Response of the Interstitial Space During Tissue Maturation

Awardees: Jessica Llewellyn (Penn) and Apurva Limaye (NJIT)

Graphene-Based Microdevices to Probe Effects of Electrical Stimulation on Stem Cell Behavior

Awardees: Sebastian Naranjo (Rowan University), Kirstene Gultian (Rowan University), Scott Stratton (NJIT)

Understanding how directional growth of plant roots influences mechano-sensation

Awardees: Kalpana Mandal (Penn) and Natasha Bilkey (WashU)